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Unused footage from Raiders of the Lost Ark reveals what Indiana Jones' marketplace battle was supposed to look like

While filming Raiders of the Lost Ark thirty-odd years ago in Tunisia, Harrison Ford was battling a nasty bout of dysentery. Instead of filming a lengthy, three-and-a-half page fight scene with a scimitar-wielding baddie, Ford convinced Steven Spielberg to end their duel with a quick and iconic bang. Check out how that scene was supposed to look before Ford was wracked with intestinal discomfort. This footage comes from a documentary that accompanies the five-disc Indiana Jones Blu-ray collection, which hits stores September 18.


[EW via Bleeding Cool]

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Do you think we live in too much of a PC age to have a scene like this (as it appeared in the movie) in a film which converted into today's rating standards would be PG-13?

Basically Indy shoots down a guy who is just showing off. He isn't being attacked just yet. His life isn't being truly threatened. It is a scenario that doesn't seem to play well with the current attitudes of what is acceptable.

It is for this very reason that Lucas (in spite of whatever he retconned in as his justification) digitally defiled Star Wars and made Greedo shoot first.