Unused Akira concept art reveals white Kaneda

We've seen a couple of different storyboard views of Warner Bros.' stalled, whitewashed, live-action Akira remake, but Rodolfo Damaggio's concept art for some unnamed incarnation of the film offers something a little different: a couple of mockups of the ad-filled streets of Neo-Manhattan as well as a possible design for the tragically non-Japanese equivalent of Kaneda.


The emphasis on this version of Neo-Manhattan sees to be on the crisscrossing aerial roads, but the advertising is also interesting. I assume the ads themselves are placeholders and that Apple wouldn't be using the same iPod ad campaign this far into the future. I wonder, though, whether the folks working on the project planned to use familiar brand names in their rebuilt city.

And sigh, white Kaneda. We hope you stay in development hell.

The Vault [Rodolfo Damaggio via Comic Book Movie]


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