Unseen Photos Of The Titanic's Launch Will Give You Chills

There's a new exhibition at an Irish museum showcasing previously unpublished sepia-tinged photos of the ill-fated Titanic as it's being launched to sea. The goose-bump inducing images show the luxury liner as it's going down the Belfast shipyard's slipway, along with excited spectators cheering on. If only they knew...

The images were taken by a director at the Harland and Wolff yard in Belfast. The current owner of the album, Steve Raffield, purchased it at an auction two years ag and recently decided to put it on display for the public. The 116 prints can now be seen at the TITANCa exhibition at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum near Belfast.


The ship was launched on May 31st, 1911. It sunk in the early morning of April 15th, 1912 during its maiden voyage.


The photographs used to belong to John W. Kempster, director and master of ceremonies at Harland and Wolff in east Belfast when the Titanic, along with her sister ship, the Olympic, were built.


[Via Belfast Telegraph]

All images Ulster Folk & Transport Museum/AP.

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