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The details of Moon director Duncan Jones' next project have been shrouded in mystery — until now. Two new casting news items reveal that Source Code will be a darker, futuristic Groundhog Day, but with mind-melding.


Reuters, broke the news that Up in the Air's Vera Farmiga and Eagle Eye's Michelle Monaghan would be joining Jones' Source Code. Their character descriptions only seem to back up the leaked information that Source Code follows a soldier (Jake Gyllenhaal) who is investigating a terrorist attack on a train by letting the government insert his mind into the body of a passenger on the doomed train again and again, until he finds the culprit.

Farmiga will play "a hands-on communications who controls and monitors the main character's... actions." And Monaghan is a passenger/love interest for Gyllenhaal's character. Gyllenhaal cannot leave his cycle of reliving this bombing, until he's solved the crime.


Meanwhile, the Ottawa Citizen reports that a great deal of filming will take place at the the Ottawa train station, pictured above, due to its futuristic look.

"The Ottawa train station will figure prominently in the movie and was largely chosen because the architecture of the building has a "modern, futuristic" look to it. A production crew totalling more than 150 people may come to the city for at least four days of shooting in late March."

[Picture via DCN]

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