Add this to the list of things you never knew existed but now desperately need.

The folks at Zapata Racing have been in the business of hydropropulsion products for years. Early versions of the company's "Flyboard" looked like a cross between a fire hose, a skateboard, and Iron Man's hand blasters. Later, "Pro Rider" iterations of the Flyboard would do away with the hand stabilizers entirely, leaving the rider's hands free to flash dudebro hand gestures at gawking onlookers:

But the "Flyboard" could never rightly be called a hoverboard. Its symmetrical shape and the positioning of its underfoot propulsion system make it difficult to "ride" the board laterally, the way we ride things like surf, skate, and snowboards. It's really more of a hoverplatform. Or a hoverplank.


Zapata Racing's newest product, on the other hand, may be the closest anyone's come to delivering on a real-life hoverboard. The company calls it (no beating around the bush here) "The Hoverboard":

Like the Flyboard, the Hoverboard's propulsion system is fed water through a 60-foot hose, connected on its other end to the jet drive of a 100+ horsepower personal watercraft, like a JetSki. Unlike the Flyboard, however, the Hoverboard's got that whole directionality thing going for it, which lets you do things like this:

And this:

And this:

And remember: Like the Flyboard, it's hands free. Don't forget to dudebro.

[Zapata Racing via Devinsupertramp]