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Unleash Trixie — "The Crazies" Remake is Coming

Illustration for article titled Unleash Trixie — The Crazies Remake is Coming

Before George Romero become the zombie master, he made a little film about germ warfare and mayhem called The Crazies. It's about a secret government weapon called Trixie, and now it's about to get a reboot. The remake was batted around over that last few years and passed off by director Brad Anderson. But now it's been been picked up by Breck Eisner and today Overture Films announced it would be backing the pic — whose themes fit nicely with today's bioterror fears.The 1973 Trixie is actually a nasty virus that accidentally gets unleashed on middle America. The virus makes people insane with rage and riots break out all over and the Army is called in, and that's when everything really goes to hell. Sounds very 28 Days Later. Overture CEO Chirs McGurk explained the reason that they were interested in this endeavor because they were looking for horror that was smart. The script was penned by Ray Wright and Scott Kosar and Romero will watch over as executive producer. [Variety]


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There's a certain dirty cheapness to the original which I guarantee won`t be present in the remake, and without that this is just going to end up as another generic plague film. I find there is a certain quality to the lower budget 70s horrors that really finishes them off. Even allowing for my general hatred for remakes, I`m expecting this to be a greater than average waste of film.