In 2009, student Shanyna Isom experienced an allergic reaction to a steroid treatment she received for an asthma attack. Since then, she's been afflicted by a medical disorder that's left physicians at Johns Hopkins University stumped. What was initially mistaken for eczema and a staph infection has left Isom with symptoms that are, well, as WMCTV explains:

Doctors determined she produces 12 times the number of skin cells per hair follicle, which suffocates her skin. Instead of hair, her skin follicles produce human nails. "Where hair grows, nails are growing," she said. Doctors have been able to control her symptoms. "I couldn't sit up I couldn't walk," said Isom. "Now I can walk with a cane and sometimes I can walk on my own."


Treating this ailment has left Isom with $250,000 in medical bills, and you can find more information about Isom's physical and financial struggles with this mystery disorder at this Facebook page. Hopefully doctors will be able to pinpoint the cause of Isom's disorder and devise a long-term plan of treatment soon.

[Via Fortean Times]

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