Somehow, Universal’s “Monster Cinematic Universe” idea is still trundling along, but we could be getting something pretty interesting out of it after all: the studio are considering turning the titular mummy of the next film in this shared universe into a female star.

The classic mummies of old were played by Boris Karloff and Arnold Vosloo, but The Hollywood Reporter is claiming that Universal are openly considering testing both men and women for the role in the new movie, which will kick off the studio’s big foray into shared universe storytelling. According to their sources, there are two stories being considered for writer Jon Spaihts’s script: one where the monster is a man, and another where the monster is a woman.


The final decision will allegedly come based finding the right actor to be the mummy—but hey, even if it ends up being a male actor, at least Universal seem open to adding a bit of gender diversity to its monster films. Hopefully, this stretches beyond The Mummy reboot and means we could get a Wolf-woman, or The Invisible Woman (well, you know what we means), or any other such variation. Maybe an alternative universe where Team Lady Monsters fights Team Dude Monsters in Universal Monsters: Infinity War? That could be a lot of fun.

Just please, for the love of god, don’t do a “Sexy Mummy.” No one needs that. No one.

[Via Collider]

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