Universal's Mummy Reboot May Have Found Its Mummy

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Looks like those recent rumors about Universal looking to gender-swap some of the stars of their Universal Monsters reboots might have been true! New reports suggest that rising Kingsman: The Secret Service star Sofia Boutella has signed on to terrorize the world as the iconic monster.

According to The Wrap, Boutella (who’s set to appear in Star Trek Beyond next year as well)—has joined the project, which was allegedly floating around alternate scripts by Jon Spaihts depending on if a man or a woman was cast. Of course, Boutella’s not the only actor linked with the film. Recent rumors pegged Tom Cruise to star what would be opposite Boutella, as a military man with links to the mysterious creature.


It’s cool to see a woman land the role—especially as, beyond The Mummy, Boutella would now star in multiple Universal Monsters films as part of plans for a Marvel-esque shared universe. As long as this is just a straight up sinister Mummy who happens to be a woman, rather than a cliché “Yummy Mummy” (ugh), that is!

[Via The Wrap]

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Hey look, someone from North Africa playing someone from North Africa.

I shall continue to express myself in Stargate gifs.