Unidentified Flying Human Freaks The Hell Out Of Mexico

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Mexico's latest UFO, filmed hovering over the mountains of Nuevo Leon City, Mexico, looks like an airborne woman. The video shows a floating figure gliding horizontally across the tops of the mountains. She even appears to walk off a cliff at one point and is suspended in air. No telling if she's a lady of the cloth or not, but if so we could have a real life "Flying Nun" on our hands. Watch the eerie footage, complete with cheesy X-Files music after the jump.


According to locals, this particular UFO occurrence was first spotted in 2006, but this was the first time it was ever caught on tape. UFO spotters said that they had often seen the figure with a cape and believe it to be a wizard or witch. The Sun spoke with "leading UFOolgist" Anna Luisa Cid who concurs that this is a bona fide paranormal happening and is going to launch her own investigations, but there's no reaction yet from any real scientists.

A UFO club was the lucky group that managed to catch this moment along with a police officer that claimed, "a floating person had dropped out of the sky and landed on his bonnet," only furthering my nun suspicions. [The Sun]



They need to start airdropping stedicams to rural areas. How hard is it to just hold a camera still.

That being said... the way that thing moves, whatever it is, is way creepy. There does seem to be a surplus of sightings recently.