Q: What happens when you cross a tarantula with a Deinonychus? A: You get eight – count them – EIGHT sickle-shaped killing-claws.

Above: Taranturaptor by Alex Babakitis [Portfolio / Tumblr]

Recently, Wired Science joined forces with the Science Illustration Program at CSU Monterey Bay to make an unholy animal hybrid wishlist (compiled by its readers) a reality.


"We enticed 11 alums and current students to take on our fictional creatures and make them look real," writes Wired's Nadia Drake. "Their awesome talent and creativity resulted in the beautiful, awe-inspiring, and sometimes terrifying visual creations in this collection."

Below are a few of our favorites. For the full lineup, head on over to Wired.

The Flying Squirwolf


Illustration: Natalia Wilkins [Portfolio]



Illustration: Maayan Harel [Portfolio / Facebook]



Confused? It's a mantis shrimp with the wings of a giant petrel. Not acquainted with the mantis shrimp? Dear lord – it's time you familiarized yourself.

Illustration: JL Hirten [Portfolio / Facebook]

All images used with illustrators' permission.