Unfortunately, You Can Never Buy These Incredible Disney Animation T-Shirts

Some of the coolest t-shirts at D23 were not for sale. Image: Germain Lussier/Gizmodo

There’s no shortage of cool stuff to see walking around a Disney convention. A huge percentage of the people there are strictly for to buy merchandise. Unfortunately, some of the coolest merchandise in the entire convention was not for sale.

On the convention floor at the D23 Expo, there was a huge exhibit of t-shirts made specifically for the people who work in all the various departments of the animation pipeline at Disney Animation. They make shirts to commemorate the work they do on each movie. Here are a few of our favorites, with the appropriate department in the description.

Zootopia Technical Animation shirt
Frozen Technical Directors shirt
Big Hero 6 Effects shirt
Wreck It Ralph Lighting shirt
Zootopia Stereo shirt
Moana Look Development shirt
Big Hero 6 Music shirt
Zootopia Modeling shirt
Wreck It Ralph Look Development shirt
Frozen Technology Shirt
Frozen Animation shirt

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