Underworld Awakening trailer takes us into the sexy future vampire wars

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Imprisoned in a cryo-tube for 12 years, vampire Selene has escaped her captors and awakens to a future a very different future (but still with the same blue filter). Now humans fight vampires and werewolves in the streets, with metal whips! Watch the Underworld Awakening trailer now.


Glad to see everyone is still in leather/pleather fighting jumpsuits. Underworld is nothing if they lose the leather one-piece. Too bad it looks like they may have lost their werewolf/vampire hybrid, Michael. Directed by Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein, this latest addition to the Underworld franchise will be released on January 20th, 2012.

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Ok, how?

It was already known that should the first of the Lycans and the first of the Vampires be killed, that all in their respective bloodlines (vampires and Lycans) would be freed from their curse and return to normal.

At the end of Underworld 2, Selene and Michael killed Marcus and William (aswell as their father Cornelius) thus ending both the Vampire and Lycan curses.

At the end of 2, both she and Michael appeared to be cured as she was now able to go into the sun and her once blue eyes returned to her human brown eyes.

So, how is it that in Awakening (set 12 years in the future) she again has blue eyes and is a Vampire again?

I was really excited to hear of a 4th Underworld movie, but now I'm a bit sceptical that it just might turn out to clash with the already established storyline.