Underdogs Trailer Brings Fooseball Players To Life To Cheat In Soccer

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I'm not entirely sure I understand the premise of the animated movie Underdogs. A movie about a bunch of fooseball figures that come to life to help a town cheat at a game of soccer?


OK, OK, let me try again: Once upon a time a kid played a bully in fooseball? And now the bully is back and he bought the town (and wants to destroy said town). So the original kid challenges the bully to a soccer match? And then fooseball characters come to life and play secretly with the human team that is also playing the bully's human team. Isn't that too many players? Why are they still tiny? Can tiny fooseball creatures really help at a soccer game? I don't know. I guess we'll have to wait to find out, unless the sweet mercy of death takes us all first.

Ah ha this has been explained! Underdogs was originally 2013 Argentinian movie and here is in infinitely better trailer for it. This also explains why the words don't lineup with the mouth movements.



Well, I can only guess that the powers that be in Hollywood have done the demographic analysis. The results, I assume, indicate that soccer and fooseball are now popular enough in this nation of barbarians known as the United States that a flick like this can rake in a profit.

Either that, or the powers that be in Hollywood are counting on this thing to be profitable in Asia, South America, Europe and other markets.