Under the Dome has become Lost, and guess what? I love it.

I think it was probably last week when Under the Dome turned into Lost — right around when Nerd Boy Joe and Goth Girl Norrie found the Cadbury Creme Egg of Doom in its own mini dome. It was also right around that point that I realized the show was starting to become my new crack.

Spoilers ahead!


Part if it definitely has to do with the fact that the two most recent episodes have focused so much on the teens and their wonder-twin dome powers. I love their characters, and I also love that their relatively innocent romance is blooming alongside Barbie and Julia's, which is definitely going to go south when Barbie finally admits he killed Julia's crappy husband.

But it's really the total weird science insanity that's making me love this show. Last night's episode was particularly Lost-like, with the Cadbury Creme Egg throbbing in disco colors and conjuring up hallucinations in the minds of characters who are touching the mini-dome. That whole "The monarch will be crowned" thing? Totally batshit, and I love it. It probably helps that I keep picturing the Monarch from The Venture Bros.

He's got a great crown, which I guess we're supposed to assume will be worn by Angie eventually — since she's got the awful butterfly tattoo.


Speaking of Angie, things are getting really interesting between her, Junior, and Big Jim. Now that Angie is wearing a baggy shirt from Big Jim instead of the stripey top that made Junior want to stalk and kidnap her, she's actually (sort of) taking charge. At last she's enjoying her work in the diner — especially with Joe's adorable high school buddy around to help mop up blood. Thanks to the Angie arc, we're seeing how complicated Big Jim really is. I like that he's not just a thug, but a complicated guy who is mostly trying to do the right thing. Even if doing the right thing means rejecting his psycho son.

Big Jim's accomplishments now include blowing up Nasty Tooth's henchmen along with a bunch of other people in the War for Water and Food and Stuff. To be honest, the whole Big Jim vs. Nasty Tooth and the farm mercenaries bit was another one of those subplots I could have done without. Yes, we get that resources are running low. And we get that Nasty Tooth is some kind of evil dome famine profiteer. But I'd much rather be watching people hallucinate from Cadbury Creme Egg exposure.


There was a lot of mom action in last night's episode, too. We've got the suicide of Junior's mother hanging over everything, and now there's this idea that the dome killed Norrie's mom because a baby was born. Really? Is that where this show is going with the dome? It's basically a capricious god who kills people or drives them crazy just to see how it will affect everybody else?


Damn, the dome is not only a delightful chocolate holiday treat, but it's also a convenient plothole filling device. Need a character to act a certain way or feel a certain feel? Just have the dome rain poop on them or remove their bladder! Like I said, there's something kind of addictive about the sheer levels of insanity in this show. That, combined with the bizarro relationships between many of the characters, has me wanting to see more.

I have officially been suckered in. This better not end in Purgatory, though, or I will jam mini domes up everybody's noses.


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