Undead Pride And Prejudice To Launch Horror Film Of Manners?

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It had to happen. The zombie revamp of Jane Austen's classic novel Pride And Prejudice is getting a movie, so who's the zombie-slaying Elizabeth Bennet: Anne Hathaway or Keira Knightley?

Honestly we were intrigued by the whole idea of putting zombies in Jane Austen's books. It was, at the very least, an intriguing risk. But has there seriously been enough hype surrounding this unreleased novel, generated from a photoshopped cover, to garner a Hollywood movie-rights bidding war?


According to The Herald Sun, yes. Says the Sun,

A parody of the English novel is due to be published in April under the name Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, with Hollywood studios already bidding to turn the new book into a blockbuster movie.

Well Hell, looks like we better get cracking on that Citizen Kane meets Teen Wolf and Teen Witch remake.

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Meredith Woerner

OK let's address the spelling error. My brain is still complete MUSH from covering Comic Con all weekend. Thanks for pointing it out, all of you, I get it Austen's work is getting brutalized and molested not the city in Texas.