WARNING: Once you see the uncut footage of Benedict Cumberbatch doing his full-body motion capture performance as The Hobbit's Smaug — which is to say "lying on the floor and acting evil at nothing" — you may never see the dragon of destruction the same way again. Or Benedict Cumberbatch, for that matter.

On one hand, you have to admit Cumberbatch gives it his all. He's lying on the floor, in a practically empty room, he's looking at nothing and no one, and he's still acting the hell out of the part of an ancient dragon threatening the unseen intruder who had the temerity to enter his lair. On the other hand, this is a video of Benedict Cumberbatch in a silver jumpsuit, lying on the floor and pretending to be a dragon, and it's also hugely hilarious to us.


[Via HuffPo]