Uncomfortable photographs examine what it's like to deal with anxiety

Nine years ago, John William Keedy was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. His photo series It's Hardly Noticeable examines the feelings of discomfort a character with an anxiety-based mental illness experiences and his relationship with the concept of "normalcy."

Keedy refers to many of the photographs in this series as "metaphorical still lifes." While some seem to refer to specific situations, others seem to represent intrusive thoughts or sensations. Flipping through Keedy's images, we see familiar objects placed in an unnerving context, with clocks and lights turned almost sinister, offering us a visceral idea of what Keedy's character experiences.


You can see many more photos from the series on Keedy's site and Wired's Raw File.

It's Hardly Noticeable [John William Keedy via Laughing Squid]


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