And you thought your last move was difficult. The process of moving a large building, from a mansion to a railway station, from one location to another is a major engineering challenge. Here are some eye-popping photos of massive structures in transit.

Top image: Don Bowers/Island Free Press.

House Moving Day in Winfield, Kansas, 1870s

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This 1890s picture shows Dr. J. Francis Chapman's house being hauled from the old to the new town of Katonah, NY.

The city was moved to higher ground to escape the damming of the Croton River.

(AP Photo/Katonah Village Library)

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Cribbing beneath a house in Seattle, Washington, 1917

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Moving a building with two-horse team, photo by Leslie Jones, between 1917 and 1934

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Canadian construction workers moving a church at Calgary, Canada, September 1926

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Alice Young Bear's house and shed being moved to new site after flood, 1952

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The relocation of the Abu Simbel temples between 1964 and 1968 in Nubia, Egypt, before the rising waters of the Nile destroyed the whole complex.

December 1964:

A large interior pillar is lifted by crane, after it had been cut free during the operation in December 1965.

A large stone block from the Great Temple being hoisted on to a transporter, January 1966

Ramses's face is lifted into place in 1967. It weighs 19.6 tonnes.

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Group of men moving a house on wheels across railroad tracks, 1960s

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The original Adas Israel Synagogue in Washington, D.C, originally built in 1876, moved in December 1968. Now it's known as the Lilian & Albert Small Jewish Museum.

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A Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane carrying a house

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The Elizabethan manor house Ballingdon Hall moves slowly toward its new location in Sudbury, Suffolk, on a massive trailer. Industrial development and tree growth have obscured the owners' view of the River Stour Valley, so they are simply moving uphill to a better locale, January 1972.

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The Bashford House begins its journey six blocks down Gurley Street to the museum grounds on April 19, 1974.

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A large Victorian house being moved in Providence, Rhode Island, 2007

The First Baptist Church, built in 1806 is being moved to make way for a new courthouse, January 2009, Salem, Massachusetts

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Cunningham Hall, University of Washington, 2009

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The 125-year-old Buchanan Mansion rolling down the road in Tipton, Iowa, 2009

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The 45 feet high and 35 feet Serendipity, which became famous as the inn from Nights In Rodanthe (2008), moved from its original site in January 2010

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Relocation of the 122-year-old Oerlikon building, Zürich, Switzerland, 2011-2012

The building was moved with 200 ft (60 m) in two days.The physical work freeing the foundations of the old factory and putting it on rolling tracks started on the Summer of 2011, but the actual operation started on May 22 2012. With the use of 500 rollers and two hydraulic pressers the 6,200 ton-heavy building was pushed with the speed of 10-16 ft per hour to 200 ft (60 m) from its original place.

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Transport of buildings in Kingston, 2012

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A 19th-century railway station in Chene-Bourg, Switzerland, has been moved 33m (108ft) to make way for new track, 2013

Mobile Building in 2000, a drawing from Hildenbrand Factory chocolate boxes, 1899-1901, Germany

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