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Unanswered Questions for Tonight's Heroes Finale

Illustration for article titled Unanswered Questions for Tonights Heroes Finale

Tonight's episode of Heroes will kinda-sorta cap off the season. But will it answer all of our nagging questions from this year? Maybe, maybe not. Here's a score card, so you can tick them off as they're answered. Or not.


Why did the company keep the deadliest virus in the universe on ice for 30 years? I know they're evil, but how dumb are they? Also, what exactly is that virus? Is it just another derivation of Mohinder's sister's blood, or something else?

How exactly did Sylar lose his powers, and how does he think Mohinder can help him? Was it just Hiro's samurai sword, or did Sylar get the Shanti virus and somehow not die? How on Earth did Sylar get from the bunker in the middle of the jungle to the roadside in the Mexico desert anyway?


Is Claire a robot or an alien after all? Who stole her damn car? More importantly, how exactly can she blow the whistle on the Company without confusing the heck out of everybody?

What exactly was Mohinder and Noah's plan to bring the Company down? Are they still carrying it out, or did Mohinder really switch sides?

Why did Angela Petrelli try to take the fall for the murder of George Takei and the others? Was it just to keep regular folks from knowing all about their mutant superpowers, or was there something else?

What did Adam get up to in the 400 years between the Kyoto stuff and the present day? Once Hiro was gone, why didn't he just go and conquer Japan after all?


What exactly were those pills the Company was giving Peter when they had him locked up? Did they actually negate Peter's powers? If so, then why does the Company need to work on a "vaccine" for superpowers? Why doesn't the Company just dose every mutant it comes across? If the pills weren't negating Peter's powers, what were they? Downers?

Whatever happened to those ipods that were supposed to be in Peter's shipping container?


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