Umbrella Academy's Stunning Opening Scene Is a Peek Into Apocalyptic Superheroics

The Hargreeves siblings
The Hargreeves siblings
Image: Netflix

Much as The Umbrella Academy’s Hargreeves siblings would all love to have the chance to simply chill out and live their lives as regular people, they’re a bunch of extraordinary, world-famous superheroes who, amongst other things, are prone to bringing about and then narrowly averting the apocalypse. It means that the “normal life” thing is largely out of the question for them.


As a result of The Umbrella Academy’s second season pulling the Hargreeves gang into the past, they’ve all got sort of a unique opportunity to reinvent themselves in a time and place that they’re not technically supposed to be in. One would hope that the trip back to the 1960s would afford the team members a tiny crumb of peace and sanity, but in the newest clip Netflix has dropped from the upcoming season, that doesn’t really seem to be in the cards.

For whatever reason, the apocalypse is something that appears to follow the Hargreeves siblings no matter where exactly they are in the time stream, and in the new clip you get the distinct feeling that they themselves are the reason that the world ends up going to shit yet again which... isn’t all that surprising, to be honest.

Umbrella Academy’s second season hits Netflix on July 31.

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Arturo R. Garcia

Well, at least they’re not doing another slow-burn thing. Interesting to see Ben in action indepdendent of Klaus’ influence, too.