Ultraviolence and Revenge Bring the Punisher Out of Retirement in a Gruesome New Season 2 Trailer

Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle
Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle
Image: Netflix
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Frank Castle could have easily put down his gun and left the blood-soaked vigilante life behind him after the events of The Punisher’s first season that culminated him in being given a clean slate and a second chance. But the latest trailer from the show’s upcoming second season is a reminder that that just isn’t the kind of person Castle is.


With most of the people responsible for his family’s deaths dead and in his past, there isn’t much Castle needs to work out at this point in his story. But, being the magnet for trouble he is, it isn’t long until he crosses paths with someone in desperate need for the kind of protection that only he can provide.

The new trailer introduces us to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s take on Amy Bendix (Giorgia Whigham), an obscure character from the Punisher comics who is reimagined here as a street-savvy teen on the run from people trying to kill her. With Frank by her side, though, Amy soon learns that she’s gotten herself into something way bigger than she ever could have imagined, and Castle finds a reason to pick up his weapons again.

Interesting as it is to see Frank and Amy in action, it’s even more fascinating to see how Billy Russo’s gradually transforming into a novel take on the classic Punisher villain Jigsaw. He’s nowhere nearly as deformed as his comics counterpart, but what he lacks in brutal scars is almost certainly going to be made up for in psychotic fury when The Punisher hits Netflix on January 18.


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