Ultimate Proof that Every Movie is Better With Bears

Bears! They're like mythical fantasy creatures, except that they really exist. And they make everything better. Case in point: Brave, which comes out this weekend, features bears in an important role, which we won't give away here.


But really, why doesn't every science fiction and fantasy movie have bears in it? This ursine presence would automatically boost any movie's "wow factor" by at least 20 percent. To prove it, we asked artist John Pedigo to improve some movie posters... with incredible results. Bear with us here.

And if you like these pictures, you should totally check out John's Deviant Art page.


It's bears... inside bears... behind bears. But the true trick is to make the subject think that he's become a bear all on his own. There's a bear coming, and it'll take us very far away. Etc.



Let's be bad bears.



Admit it... you'd be more excited about the new James Bond movie if it involved falling bears. Or James Bond having to choose between his loyalty to M and his duty to his new boss, who's a bear. Or possibly bears in tuxedos.



You know what would have been surprising? If they went to LV-223 seeking the origins of life on Earth... only to find that the aliens share 100 percent of their DNA... with bears!


What? It could happen. It would have made the final reel a lot more dramatic.



When you're going on a trip to the sun, carrying nuclear weapons 'n' shit, there's only one thing that can ensure your successful mission... and that's bringing a bear along. Because only bears can look at the sun without turning into slashers.


Bear Trek

Because space is not the final frontier. Plus, it doesn't matter how much you change the timeline — bears will always be bears. Also, little known fact: Bears eat Red Matter. It's like honey to them.


A Bear on the Moon


Sam Rockwell is stuck on a moonbase, mining Moon rocks... with just a bear for company.


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