Uh, Lebron James wants to star in Space Jam 2

Illustration for article titled Uh, Lebron James wants to star in emSpace Jam 2/em

In a recent ominous tweet, the zillionaire athlete shared his musings on Michael Jordan's strangely autobiographical interstellar odyssey. This will no doubt start a wildfire of studio execs clamoring for a sequel to the most important film of twentieth century. By all means, regale us with your best Space Jam 2 pitch in the comments. And if you need inspiration, the original Space Jam website is still alive and wheezing. [Via Blastr]


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Ruthless, if you let me

I... I think I recall seeing the original Space Jam in theatres. ...Why are you looking at me like that? MY GRANDMA TOOK MY SISTER AND I TO IT OKAY?