Ugly Americans Offers Jokes, Weird Rationalizations

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Comedy Central has ordered a new cartoon from a former Simpsons writer, set in a world where humans, aliens and robots co-exist and work schlubby jobs. Apparently, it's not called Futurama. Could've fooled us.


The show is actually called Ugly Americans (Now there's a title to help international sales), and is the work of former Simpsons scribe David Stern; it centers around a character working at the Department of Immigration in New York City who has to welcome aliens both human and, well, alien, to the US and all the hilarity that will ensue. Worryingly enough, Comedy Central seems to be trying to sell this as a tonic for the real world, as Lauren Corrao, president of original programming and development for the network, demonstrates:

During these tough economic times our viewers need a good laugh now more than ever... With the pick-up of 'Ugly Americans,' our viewers will be able to escape into a fantasy world like they've never seen before.


That's right; the economy sucks, so time to watch a show about how funny folks who aren't like us are. Not entirely sure about the logic there...

Ugly Americans will premiere 2010.

Comedy Central orders animated show, gets righteous [THR Live Feed]

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Chip Overclock®

Or.... they could have just brought FUTURAMA back and had a guaranteed seed audience.

But noooooooooooo.......