UFO Yacht Controlled by Joystick

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The Tribolis is a futuristic yacht that can house six people comfortably. It has a high-grade acrylic underwater viewing globe belowdecks for those who want to enjoy the view in the atolls and sheltered bays where it's designed to float. The yacht is operated with a joystick, and rotates 360 degrees on its own axis —so you can check for sharks without getting out of the boat or even turning your head.


The hull is made of recyclable steel, photovoltaic panels on top provide solar energy, and the whole thing runs on an electric hydrogen-powered engine. You can actually buy one of these for $4 million. Serious. It was originally designed back in 2001.

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"Howdy neighbor. I was enjoying a nice scuba in the bay and I saw you in your viewing globe. Nice interior. And your wife has a great ass..."