UFO interrupts British news broadcast

During a talking-head interview on Britain's Channel 4 News, a UFO zipped by the head of MP Tom Watson, prompting confused viewers to contact the television station. Honestly, folks! The naivety here astounds me — any self-respecting citizen knows that there are UFOs in the background of every news broadcast.

They're just normally camouflaged thanks to the cold-fusion-powered Reptiloid Illuminati Shield Generator housed at the Bohemian Grove. That day's story was on Rupert Murdoch, so I wouldn't put it past the mogul to be in cahoots with the ancient astronauts.


[Via Nerdcore]

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Anekanta - spoon denier

While I can understand the skepticism, I can't understand the sarcastic ridicule contained in either this post, or in the usual sorts of comments that people make. At least, I just don't think it's helpful.

I mean, look at that thing as it flies by. Can you say for sure what it is? Is it a bird, a plane, a kite? It's probably a plane, but do you have firm proof? It's just a blur in the video, and therefore it is, literally, an unidentified flying object. Does that mean it's an alien craft from another world? That seems rather unlikely—although a true skeptic must acknowledge the possibility.

But either way, what good does it do to take shots at people with wacky beliefs? Ridicule does not usually make people reframe their perceptions; it just makes them feel bad, and believe harder.

If you want to teach critical thinking, you can't be impatient with people.