Udo Kier's Sexy Apocalyptic Sexy Webcam Show Of Sexiness

That Udo Kier is such a webcam slut. For $5.99 a minute, he'll get on cam and tell you about any apocalypse you want: solar flares, global warming... and then he'll take his glasses off.


We already appreciated the immense sassiness of Udo last week, with a clip from Uwe Boll's Far Cry. And that inspired me to dig up this supremely sassy Udo webcam show.

It comes from the TV movie Ice, which aired on the Syfy Channel a couple years ago and remains my favorite Syfy Original Movie. As its name suggests, Ice is about a new age, which turns L.A. into a replica of the North Pole... and soon, only the equatorial regions of the globe will even be habitable. Nobody listens to Kier's sexy, sexy webcam warnings, until it's too late, of course.

The main character of Ice is actually a cop, who has to get his ex-wife and son out of L.A., but first he has to contend with his wife's dickish new husband, who's a stuck up architect. Here he is taking a swim in his outdoor pol, even though it's a billion degrees below outside:


Can you tell I loved this film? It was so awesomely cheesy, even besides the Kier-cam action. And here's one final clip. The cop springs a convict out of jail, rather than just letting him freeze to death there. And they stop by the convict's neighborhood, which has been totally buried in snow. Check out the telephone poles and rooftops sticking out:

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Oh god, I remeber this movie, I remember thinking of it as a poor man's "The Day After Tomorrow."

I thought it was an NBC production though?