Most artists would be happy with just creating beautiful images of the U.S. Presidents for the Mint. But staff artist Joe Menna has created a major side career — using digital sculpting and 3-D printing to create statues of Batman and other characters. He's also creating the world's largest statue in India.

Over at, there's a great profile of Menna, which explains:

On his own time, he's crafted a second career – and national reputation – digitally sculpting action figures and collectible statues of famous fantasy characters, from Batman to Voldemort to Star Wars' Darth Maul turned part cyborg spider. Menna's been using virtual chisels for more than a decade, relying on 3-D printing long before it became a buzzword. He's done demos of digital sculpting at national conventions, like San Diego's Comic Con two years ago for DC Collectibles.

And Menna's design for a 597-foot statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who is revered for unifying India, is being used as the main image for the campaign to create the world's largest statue. Check out some more of Menna's designs below, and tons more at his website and