We've known that actor Charles Dance, best known as the magnificent bastard at the head of the Lannister family, would be appearing in season 5 of Game of Thrones, despite his character's recent... difficulties. In a recent interview Dance finally explained the deal, and it's not what you're thinking.

While we all assumed Dance would be part of the flashbacks the show has confirmed for the upcoming season, it turns out that's not the case. Here's Dance talking to The Daily Beast:

In George R.R. Martin's tome A Feast for Crows, Tywin's remains are displayed for a week in the Great Sept before a procession of knights guides the body west. And that's how it'll play out on the show.

"Well, only my body!" Dance says of his fifth-season cameo. "I don't wake up in the shower having had a dream about it all."


If you wanted to see that bastard Tywin slowly rot on-screen, looks like you're going to get your wish. Also, what's weirder — the idea of a Game of Thrones actually character taking a shower, or the fact that Charles Dance apparently falls asleep in showers so regularly that he believes waking up in them is not insane?

In the same interview, Dance also mentioned that the producers are discussing the possibility of ending the series with a major Game of Thrones movie, which we knew, but it seems like the talks have been continuing for quite a bit. I don't know, I'm weirded out by the idea of it jumping mediums, but I'm also guessing the final act will be so epic that a movie would provide many opportunities TV wouldn't. I'm torn. What about you guys?

[Via Warming Glow]