Tyrion, Joffrey And More Star In Sesame Street's "Game Of Chairs"

There's three things you need to know about about Sesame Street's amazing, in-joke-packed Game of Thrones parody, in which Grover Bluejoy helps determine the new king of Chesteros.


1) The Jim Henson Workshop has made some devastating good Muppet representations of the main cast of GoT. There's no doubt who everyone is supposed to be. In fact, I actually want to throttle the Joffrey Muppet, just for being Joffrey.

2) The Sesame Street writing stuff clearly know their stuff about Game of Thrones. "A Mommy of Dragons"? Yessss.


3) If the court of Westeros had adopted the Game of Chairs to pick its next king, it would have saved everybody a lot of time, effort, and bloodshed. I'd take King Grover, First of His Name over any of the Lannisters or Baratheons... at least until Grover secretly reveals he's been subtly manipulating events to control the Game of Chairs the entire time. That's right — he's Littlebluefinger. May the Seven save us all!

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Sesame Street. A continuing example of how even shows for the smallest children don't necessarily need to be dumb or boring for other ages.

Also, spoilers for the ending of Game of Thrones! I always knew it would be Bluejoy.