Tyrese Gibson Wants To Be A Thundercat

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Tyrese Gibson is jumping to don the skin tight catsuit for a Thundercats remake. In an interview for the new Death Race movie (where he plays killer convict Machine Gun Joe) we got a chance to ask Gibson if he could remake any film what would it be? In mere seconds Tyrese Gibson leaned forward and said, "Thundercats." Click through for more on Gibson's desire to kill like a cat, plus Luke Cage news. Gibson couldn't stop smiling when talking about the 'cats. But he didn't have a specific Thundercat in mind, explaining that there were a lot of options. When pressed to ask if there was more Hollywood talk about this cartoon remake Gibson said, "I'm just looking into that." He has also been linked to the superhero character Luke Cage. His Cage update was very non-commital, "we'll see what happens. There's a lot of anticipation and things that need to happen," (including the tweaking of the classic yellow-shirt uniform). Let's hope it comes together soon, because according to Gibson he's also on standby to play B.A. Baracus in John Singleton's remake of the A-Team.


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Meredith Woerner

@ComicNerd.com: Wow I take great offense to that. Obviously you've never covered a press conference or a junket. Actors, Directors and Producers often repeat themselves, this isn't a new thing. I didn't know about the previous interview. When we sat down with Tyrese at the Death Race press junket this weekend he told us that he wanted to be a Thundercat. I pushed him hard to get more details about actual talk that this movie was going to be made, but he wouldn't divulge anything. There will be more from this interview later, but I just wanted to share that fun little tidbit right now. When a celebrity is promoting a movie sometimes they repeat a lot of the same things because they talk with about 1,000 reporters. Watch what you say, accusing someone of stealing is pretty "low" especially when you have no idea what you're talking about.

On that note I think Tyrese would make a lovely Thundercat, he's got the figure.