Proving that evolution can, indeed, take unexpected forms, a new study reports that texting abbreviation is actually helping the literacy of today's kids. Someone, somewhere, is ROFL at that news, I'm sure.

The study, carried out at Britain's Coventry University, looked at a group of 88 different children aged between 10 and 12, comparing a series of sample texts written to order with a separate study of the same children's reading ability. The result showed that the children who used the highest number of "textisms" had the highest reading comprehension. The reason for this, according to the university's Beverly Plester, is simple:

These kids are engaging with more written language and they're doing it for fun.

This simply supports my long-held belief that Prince may be one of the most intelligent human beings alive.


Flickr Image by Marxpix.

Texting can b gd 4 ur kids [New Scientist]

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