Two-year-old Abandons Parents, Sibling to be Devoured by T. Rex

This is the most adorable thing you'll see today. Back in 2009, YouTuber tfoust1012 took their son to the Heard Natural History Museum's animatronic dinosaur exhibit. Apparently Zack was a huge fan of dinosaurs, he'd just never seen one in person, or so lifelike. His reaction is absolutely brilliant.


On second thought, maybe the title of this post is wrong. I can't decide... is Zack's decision to run fueled by panic, or is it a calculated move to put an easier, less evasive meal between himself and the T. Rex?
Hat tip to Ms. Specktor!

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Anybody besides me thinking these parents are jerks for letting this little kid freak out and high tail it without, a)trying to chase him down. The dad's just trying to film it and be a tool. or b) explained to the little guy that it's just a robot and it's not real. I feel really sorry for this little guy.