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Two Writers Did a Hilarious Deconstruction of Horror Movies On Twitter Last Night

Jason Voorhees is an obvious inspiration for this great Twitter convo. Image: Paramount
Jason Voorhees is an obvious inspiration for this great Twitter convo. Image: Paramount

On a night where the world was focused on health care, two genre authors decided to go in the opposite direction. They joked about and discussed a genre best known for death: horror.


Last night, authors Sam Sykes (The Mortal Tally, An Affinity for Steel) and Chuck Wendig (Star Wars: Aftermath, Blackbirds) had a long Twitter conversation that’s a must-read. To say more than we already have would ruin some of the fun. Here’s the first tweet. Click it and enjoy the 60-plus-part back-and-forth.


If you don’t want to do that, here’s the super basic gist of what happens on the thread. The “help” Sykes is asking for is that he’s in the woods and people around him are dying. Wendig first assumes he’s a victim in a horror movie but then realizes Sykes is, in fact, the killer. Then he has to tell him that, as the killer in a horror movie, he’s going to die. Sykes takes the news pretty well but tries to get around it. The whole time, Wendig’s logical act slams Sykes’ innocent views in really discouraging yet extremely funny ways.

Here’s an interview we did with the pair a few years ago.

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This was amazing My only disappointment is that they didn’t do the Final Girl trope.

“Whatever you do, make sure the last one left alive isn’t a woman”

“Crap, too late. It’s ok though, she never did drugs, had sex or anything bad. She wouldn’t hurt a fly”

“Bad news...”