Two Worlds Collide in the Explosive First Trailer For The Dark Tower

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After what feels like ages, our first look at The Dark Tower is finally here—and it takes us into another world of death, destruction, and some very fancy gunwork from Idris Elba’s Roland the Gunslinger.


The first trailer introduces us to the premise quickly enough—there’s another world, a tower the Man in Black wants to destroy, and a Gunslinger to stop him. But most of the focus is on Roland himself. Not just his quest to kill the Man in Black, but also the fact that he shoots not with his gun, but with his heart.

Basically, it means a lot of Idris Elba pulling off some fancy gun moves and looking damn good while he’s at it. The Dark Tower hits theaters August 4.

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Looks like a very cool movie. I wonder if they’ll ever do one based on the Stephen King story.