Two Weeks Of Not Having To Wonder What To Wear Could Be Yours!

For lesser mortals, it'd be enough to single-handedly save Summer Television from weeks of reruns and Andromeda Strain-esque events, but makers of Adult Swim's The Venture Bros. aren't the type of people to sit around and rest on their laurels. Not content with giving us another thirteen episodes of action, adventure and bastardizing the pop culture of our youth (Come on, like you expected David Bowie to make an appearance last season), they're also coming to save your wardrobe. Are you ready for The Venture Bros. Shirt of the Week Club?

Starting this Sunday, in time for that night's season 3 premiere, Venture Bros. production house Astrobase Go is offering an exclusive t-shirt to accompany that week's episode:

Each week we premiere a brand new episode of The Venture Bros. television program, we will premiere a brand new t-shirt to go with it RIGHT HERE. The shirt will remain on sale for one week only—until the next episode and the next shirt premiere. We'll only print as many shirts of each design as we receive orders for (okay, we'll probably make a couple for ourselves, too) and once the ad for a shirt is removed, that shirt will never be available again.


The first shirt on offer? The Guild of Calamitous Intent:

Fire up the Murdermobile and call your arch nemesis—because you're about to become a fully licensed member of The Guild of Calamitous Intent the moment you slide one of these 100% cotton American Apparel fine jersey short sleeve black beauties over your cybernetic exoskeleton or henchman's tunic! Emblazoned in gold with the official logo of the recognized leader in organized havoc, this shirt says to the world: "I come in separate cuts and sizes for Men and Women!

And that's not all - If you subscribe to all 13 shirts in the series now, you'll receive this fabulous set of ginsu knives absolutely... Wait, it's not ginsu knives?

"But wait..." you say. "Two weeks equals 14 days, not 13. I'll have to go the laundromat every 13 days now, which is an odd number and completely throws off my weekend plans. What are you trying to pull?" To which we say..."HOW ABOUT A BONUS T-SHIRT?!"

That's right, Venture Bros. Shirt Club subscribers will also receive the coveted SUPER-LIMITED EDITION BONUS BROCK SAMSON KODOKAN BLOOD JUDO T-SHIRT, which is available to SHIRT CLUB SUBSCRIBERS ONLY and is included FREE OF CHARGE with your subscription.


That's right; you may never have to go to Old Navy for your ironic t-shirt needs ever again.

The Amazing Shirt of the Week Club [Astrobase Go]


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