Two Trailers for Raw Expose Different Sides of This Gruesome, Amazing Movie

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We’ve already seen one of the best movies of 2017. It’s called Raw and the first two trailers have arrived.


Directed by Julia Ducornau, Raw is about a girl named Justine (Garance Marillier) who we meet as she enters veterinary school. There, during some hazing, the strict vegetarian acquires a taste for meat. Raw, human meat, to be more specific.

Here’s the green band trailer, which is safe for all audiences. It tells the milder side of the story.

And here’s the red band, which is much more violent and disturbing. And yet, this still doesn’t come close to where the film takes its audience.

Raw opens on a limited basis March 10 and will expand from there. Definitely seek it out. It’s fantastic. Our full review is below.


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Executor Elassus

It’s been said that horror tropes involving vampires tend to rise up when progressives are in power (because the vampire, with his European mannerisms, sickly pallor, and deviant sexuality plays on conservative fears of progressives), and zombie tropes rise up when conservatives are in power (because hordes of shambling, rotten, literally mind-robbing corpses play on progressive fears of conservatives).

What, then, are we to deduce from an uptick in cannibalism tropes in the age of Trump?