Two Timelines of Slang for Genitalia, from 1250 Through Today

Depending on what era you live in, a penis might be known as a plough, a pillow prick, a jigglestick, or a jasper, while a vagina might be a fly-trap, an oracle, a catch 'em alive-o, or the antipodes. Brush up on your historical slang with a pair of genital charts.

TimeGlider created these timelines from Green's Dictionary of Slang by Jonathon Green. The Vagina Chart stretches back to the year 1250, which is when the first recorded instance of the word "cunt" appears and then lists the appearance of subsequent vaginal nicknames by month and year. The Penis Chart starts in the year 1300, with the first appearance of "ballocks" and goes on from there.


The Vagina Chart & The Penis Chart [TimeGlider via Nerdcore]


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