Two scifi apps for iPhone that promise to ward off boredom

Everybody needs a cheap app or two to pass the time, and we've got two iPhone apps that let you kill zombies and become Captain Kirk. Not at the same time, sadly.

Our first app is one we've been eagerly awaiting for a while - the Cowboys vs. Zombies app from Tall Chair, which lets you kill as many zombies as you've ever wanted, and only for $.99! I can think of about twenty situations over the past week where my mood would have been considerably elevated if I could have just stepped aside and killed zombies for a minute before resuming my day. You can download Cowboys vs. Zombies from the iTunes store here.

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In the why-did-I-need-this category, we have the Captain's Log app from Paramount, which is sort of like Foursquare for people who want to recreate their physical universe in the image of Star Trek. A worthy goal to be sure, which is why we think people might actually get some fun out of this $1.99 app. According to Paramount:

Using the Captain's Log communicator, users can capture voice recordings, text entries, take photos and map GPS locations of their voyages as they travel planet Earth. Officers can select their preferred Enterprise class level, whether taking the role of Captain, Engineering, Science/Medical, Enterprise, or assuming the identity an enemy Romulan or Klingon officer.

Users can share their logs with friends on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and via email, with other Captain's Log iPhone users, or choose to keep logs as private personal records. To deliver the most advanced Starfleet communicator to date, Captain's Log utilizes iPhone 4 features including front-facing camera, retina display, multitasking capabilities and gyroscope support, showcasing a 3D model of the Starship Enterprise.

The application works with iPhone and iPod Touch devices running iOS 4.

In other words, you can do all the social media stuff you already do, but pretend to be Captain Kirk exploring a black hole while you're doing it. You can download the app from iTunes here.

As an Android bigot, however, I am left a little unsatisfied. Bring on the scifi apps for Android, people!

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