Two Rumors Launch Heroes Deadpool

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If rumors are to be believed, a major character is about to disappear permanently from Heroes - and in a way that was a nasty surprise to the actor playing the role. Start guessing who right now.

According to E! Online's Kristin Dos Santos, one Heroes cast member is going to find themselves available for new work very soon:

Sources over on NBC's Heroes confirm to me that a major death is in the works, and this is not one that will go unnoticed by even the most casual fan. It is huge. So who is it? Well, you know how these things go...We can't come right out and name any names. (Unless someone can hook me up right quick with the Witness Protection Program?) However, I will tell you that this leading character is a male [and] he is one of the original cast.


This story breaks on the same day as this rumor from Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello:

A male series regular on a one-hour drama - a onetime ratings powerhouse - learned that he was out of a job only after reading his character's death scene in the script! According to my mole, the popular and well-respected leading man - who tapes his final scenes this week - was blindsided not just by his ouster, but by the tacky way in which it was handled. "He was hurt that the producers didn't tell him first," says the source. "He deserved better."

Connected? Almost certainly. But now it's time to guess which Hero is being offed: Hiro? Nathan? Sylar? Feel free to leave your guesses - and reasons why - in the comments.

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Dirk Anger

Is Nathan still alive? no sarcasm here, I've watched the first two episodes and I really don't remember