Two Robots Enter, One Robot Leaves

Robot combat season is right around the corner and it makes me think of the smell of burning oil and sodomized electrons. Ah, the sound of a 200-pound killer bot smashing into a transparent barrier after being ripped apart and destroyed by fire. Yes, the Robogames have just opened for entries in preparation for their actuator-annihilating killfest in early June. Here's a picture of one deathmatch from last year, and a few more below.

Here's a closeup shot of combat between a spinner and a wedge-style robot. Looks like the spinner might be about to flip that wedge right over. Robogames are perfectly safe, and fun for the whole family. Really! I had a 200-pounder on fire smash right next to my head against the thick, plastic barrier and it was scary but totally non-dangerous.


There are also artbots and other kinds of robot projects on display at Robogames. Here's Zou Renti last year with his android clone.

The photographer titled this picture, "You're creeping me out, dude." Seriously. Image of firey fight up top by Sam Coniglio, via Robogames. Close combat image by Scott Beale, via Robogames. Image of android by Brunkfordbraun.


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