In the glamorous northern hemisphere, things are heating up and we need t-shirts that make us seem as cool as possible. Which is why I absolutely adore this skull-and-crossbones Optimus Prime from Johnny Cupcakes. It's like fashion for people who ride their Harleys to the mall so they can learn more about how the Decepticons came to be so durn mean. At $35, it's kind of pricey, but who can really put a dollar value on badassery?

And then there's this magnificent, meta-nerdly beauty available on Chop Shop and designed by Dana Deskiewicz. Not only is the robot amazing, but its telling a web weenie joke. For those not in the know, there is a special file called robots.txt that you can put in the headers of a web page. If that file contains the words NOFOLLOW, search engines like Google are supposed to ignore the page and not make it available via search. It's basically a nice way of asking Google's robot web crawlers to leave your pages in privacy and peace. I wish I had a giant robot like this one to enforce privacy online! At least now I can wear it on my chest.