Two Previously Unknown Octavia Butler Stories Are Getting Published!

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Great news for fans of Octavia Butler's mind-expanding fiction: two previously unpublished stories of hers are coming out this June, in a single volume called Unexpected Stories.


Here are the synopses of the two stories, according to Open Road Media, which is publishing the book:

"A Necessary Being" tells of how the leaders of two ancient tribes "must broker a delicate peace to ensure that their peoples are to survive." In "Childfinder," a young woman "locates children with budding psionic powers and teaches them to protect themselves from society."

The book will have an introduction from author Walter Mosley, the crime and science fiction author, and here's an excerpt that was circulated with the announcement:

'Unexpected Stories' reveals the themes that would become Butler's lexicon: the complicating mysteries we assign to power, race, and gender. Reading these tales is like looking at a photograph of a child who you only knew as an adult. In her eyes you can see the woman that you came to know much later; a face, not yet fully formed, that contains the promise of something that is now a part of you; the welcomed surprise of recognition in innocent eyes.

Here's hoping these are up to the amazing standard of Butler's published work, and not works that she chose not to publish for good reason (as is often the case with posthumous publications.) [Washington Post]


This is fantastic. I'm still hankering for the third Parable book. (The one where they would've finally gotten to space!) I wonder what other discoveries are waiting to be found in her papers?