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Just in case you have been dying to get more brain implants, we've got a couple new ways you can get your io9 fix. You may have noticed on the left sidebar, below all the other text, there's a little box where you can give us your e-mail and "subscribe to io9." If you do that, you'll get a weekly update with our five most popular stories from the previous week, plus an occasional piece of news about the site. Very low-traffic. And now we've also got a place where you can meet up (virtually) with your fellow io9 readers.


Yes, we've given in to peer pressure and created a Facebook group for io9. Anyone can join, and anyone can start a discussion thread there. So if you're looking for local io9ers who might want to see Get Smart with you this weekend (or Wall-E and Wanted next weekend!), the Facebook group is the place for you. Also feel free to use it to create discussion threads of any sort, or to trade comic books, action figures, or (legally-acquired) DVDs. Have fun!

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