Two New Villainous Movies On The Rise

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Two new evil-centric movies are getting buzz: one deals with keeping a retired supervillain's technology out of the hands of terrorists, the other is a claymation villain epic.


Production Weekly Twittered this week about a new movie called Villain, describing it as:

In Richard Warren Stern's "Villain," a supervillain finds his most diabolical inventions have been stolen and used to terrorize the globe.


I wonder if this film will actually make a meaningful distinction between terrorists and supervillains, since it's hard to see a real difference most of the time. But perhaps it's another villain who steps to the plate, and not really a terrorist at all. Which sounds an awful lot like this dreadful claymation movie, the other Villain.

Here's the claymation Villain's plot:

Koil, a super villain, is caught by the police. After escaping prison, he decides to quit his villain ways and to become a normal person. Every thing seems fine, until his replacement villain is chosen and the city is in more danger than it has ever been.

I'm assuming these are two different movies called Villain, but you never know. The rumor boards say the claymation Villain has been canceled due to funding (clay is expensive!), but the release date is still set to 2010.

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Damn was hoping for an evil league of evil movie.