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Two New TV Spots for Suicide Squad Show Off the Worst Heroes Ever

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A pair of TV spots for Suicide Squad have hit the web, and they show off a bit of new footage from the upcoming DC film, along with a great tagline: Worst. Heroes. Ever.


The promos for this film have been really great, and this new teaser is a great display of sound editing:

Here’s the second:

The marketing for this movie has been really slick, but we’re hoping that this won’t fall into the scenario where the trailer is better than the film.


Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5th.

Andrew Liptak is the former Weekend editor of io9/Gizmodo. He is the co-editor of War Stories: New Military Science Fiction and hails from Vermont.

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Hi Di gyjf

I’m cautiously optimistic about this movie. It’s sans Synder, a great cast,an excellent director who is very skilled directing an ensemble cast(see the very enjoyable “Fury”) and the marketing color palette is trendy out.