Two New Laws of Robotics: Achieve maximum cuteness, and support worthy causes!

This cute little art robot could be the best friend you ever have — and by purchasing it, you could be helping kids to learn creative writing.

826 Michigan is having its second annual Robot Art Fair this week, and proceeds from the sale of some of the robots will help keep this super-worthy nonprofit going. Artist Deanne Neiburger, aka Deets, posted on her blog that she'll be there with the awesome vacuum-tube robots, spider-bots and other cute bots you see here. And 20 percent of the proceeds from the sale of each robot will go to support 826 Michigan.


Also, Deets promises that the other exhibits will include "an industrial robot who is set to appear in Spider-Man 4." (Can anybody snag us a picture of this movie-star robot please?)

The Robot Art Fair starts today and runs through Saturday. Here are some more of Neiburger's awesome robots. [Deets]


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