Two new indie horror trailers that will curdle your soul

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Nowadays, a lot of the weirdest concepts and funniest jokes come from low-budget horror films. To prove it, here are two brand new trailers. First, Bad Milo!, the "butt demon" movie from the Duplass Brothers. Below is another completely insane film.

Bad Milo! hits VOD in the United States on August 29 and coming to theaters on Oct. 4. It's produced Jay and Mark Duplass, and stars Ken Marino (Children's Hospital) plus Gillian Jacobs, Peter Stormare, and Patrick Warburton.


And yes, it's about a demon living in a guy's colon.

Meanwhile, check out the trailer for Almost Human, an indie horror film premiering at the Toronto Independent Film Festival. Despite confusingly having the same name as the new Fox TV show, it looks like a disturbing thrillride.

In Almost Human, a bright light takes Mark away... and when he returns, he's not the same guy any more. Not sure if this is aliens or demons, but in either case, the brand new Mark is bloody intense to watch:

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