Two New Cases Of Ebola Have Surfaced In Guinea

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Just weeks before it would be declared Ebola-free, the World Health Organization confirmed that two new cases of the disease have surfaced in Guinea, showing that the outbreak lingers in the West African country.

Reuters reports that while one case in Forecariah had a known transmission chain, the other, located in Conakry, came from unknown sources.

“We suspect that he contracted the disease by another means, perhaps sexual, but we cannot be sure for the time being,” said Fode Tass Sylla.


Earlier this month, a study confirmed that the virus can linger in semen for up to 9 months, prompting concerns that the outbreak will continue for months to come.

Neighboring Liberia remains clear of the virus, while Sierra Leone has just under three weeks to go before it is officially cleared of the disease.


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There’s a nurse in Scotland who is re-presenting after being ‘cured’ a year ago. So I assume there’s a lot more dormant cases out there as well.